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Russian Shock Therapy

The Russian Shock Therapy serves to combat sagging, improve skin appearance, help localized fat loss, help tone muscles by increasing muscle volume and improving blood circulation. In addition, this treatment is also indicated in cases of muscle weakness or atrophy. Thus, the Russian current is indicated after gestation or slimming, before and after plastic surgery […]

What is Bambootherapy?

Get to know the massage technique of French origin that is helping to model the brazilian mannequin. Bamboo massage or bambootherapy as it is also known, is increasingly popular among Brazilian women because of its benefits that go far beyond muscle relaxation. The bambootherapy technique is made with small bamboo rods of different sizes and […]

Muscle tension.

Poorly active lifestyle, constant fatigue, poor sleep quality, decreased functional capacity, excessive muscle stiffness, stressful behavior, poor posture and repetitive movements can affect nodules or activate them if they are latent. Static and prolonged muscle contraction can lead to chronic hypertonia or muscle spasm. Nodules manifest themselves at any age, occurring more in women than […]


Do you suffer from warts? Touch Massage has the news that will end this! We are pleased to announce Spot Removel, a warts and signal removal machine. In 1 session you get rid of these unwanted signs! However, they should be evaluated by the professional before starting treatment so that you can identify the type […]

Pantalas Massage

Pantalas, lipomodeling technique of the body contour that helps in the remodeling of the body, without combating cellulites, localized fat and flaccidity! Schedule your schedule with us and well-treat the benefits of the technique ☎️(407) 844-5055